Max Of All Trades!

     The President of the United States in considered by many to be the “Leader of the Free World”.  In some circles, the President holds almost as much “power” as the Pope, and right in line to be the next to God after him.  It would appear that perhaps the position is a bit […]

The Constitution Offers Fair Representation

      In order for “We The People” to “form a more perfect Union” it was absolutely necessary for there to be fair “Representation”.  This would allow the voices of all the people to be heard, not just a few select folks that considered themselves more important or more valuable than the others.  This […]

Lady Patriots Stake Their Claim

     In the days of the Revolutionary War, our break from the Tyranny of the English, it was always the Men that went off to battle, leaving their wives and children behind.  If the man died in battle, his wife would raise their children and the family name would go on, and the Husband/Father would be […]

Bullets Trump Lightning

          If I recall correctly, the beginning of each Superman episode began with, “Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful than a Locomotive, Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a single bound.”  After the results of Liberty Tour Track & Field Championships, I find myself a bit confused.  The Glencadia Bullets from the […]

East Region Championships: This was NO Holiday!

          What is the value of a Naysayer?  I can remember quite clearly a handful of people, almost a decade ago, that adamantly expressed their discontent over the very thought of contesting a Track & Field competition on a Holiday weekend.  In fact, even some in positions of “legendary importance” noted the gross inconvenience […]

INDEPENDENCE: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

     At this time of the year, we most often take time to reflect upon the incredible bravery and courage of our Founding Fathers, and all of the fighting Patriots, both Minute Men and the Militia Men, that were willing to give up everything of a personal nature, including leaving their families, in the very […]

Overcoming Obstacles

              On a day that seemed almost perfectly designed for outdoor competition; where the sun provided the ideal spotlight for the Adirondack Championship stage, one would think that this was a day created for great performances.  Instead, it was a day filled with obstacles!  The good news is that, “One woman’s obstacles, can quickly […]

Presidential Run

     When it comes to making a strong “Presidential Run”, most folks think of a political scenario where several candidates form campaigns, hire several staffers, raise an enormous amount of money for TV ads, Radio ads, and opportunities to destroy their political rival. And few would think of any relationship to the 100m Dash…except for […]

The Classic 400

     It was Memorial Day Weekend at Bethlehem High School on a beautiful warm sunny day, and the perfect backdrop to celebrate the Constitution. More than 200 years old, one might wonder what this country will look like when it is 400 years old, nearly twice its current age. Will the USA be the world […]

True Test of Patriotism

      It has been stated throughout time that adversity is the fertile ground from which Great Opportunities can grow, and Great Things accomplished. With that thought in mind, the Patriot’s Invitational faced its fair share of 2010 adversity. At the top of the list would be the lack of a contract agreement with Finish Right Timing, […]

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