I can only imagine the thoughts going through your minds as you see this Title! 😊  For those who follow the Book Series, it is about a Monkey that finds himself, quite often, in trouble for getting involved in things he should NOT!  But, his Curiosity has been the subject of many Books, […]


                   For some of you, this Title may seem unusual, or it may give you reason to believe that one (1) benefit of being a Javelin Thrower is that it makes Hunting with a Spear a more viable option for putting Food on the table. All of that is, […]


          There are always two (2) things to accomplish at Championship Events… 1) Set a New PR (Personal Record), and 2) Qualify for a Medal!  Ideally, an Athlete would like that Medal to be GOLD, but that is ONLY achieved by one (1) person.           With more […]


                The Liberty Games Track & Field Championships were placed on the calendar exactly two (2) weeks before the National Track & Field Championships, so that Athletes could have one (1) last opportunity to work on their Events, especially the Combined Events, prior to the “Big Dance”.  With […]

The ROAD to GREENSBORO Continues…

          The setting was New Haven, CT, home to Yale University, with more than 1,500 Athletes from CT to ME to NY to PA, and every state under that umbrella.  It was three (3) LOOOOOOOONG Days of 90 degree HEAT, a Schedule of Events that, FOREVER, ran hours late, with NO […]


          Each year, the Track & Field Season is made up of four (4) Developmental Meets, two (2) Qualifying Meets, and two (2) Championship Meets.  To date, the Country Mills Eagles have competed in the first three (3) Developmental Meets (Patriot’s Invitational, Constitution Classic, President’s Open), all of which are meant to allow […]

Eagles on the Hunt!

           Since Eagles are “diurnal”, they hunt during the day, because they sleep at night.  And, keep in mind, Eagles are “Apex Predators”, which means that they are at the Top of the Food Chain! 😊  When it comes to Track & Field, though, Eagles are “Hunting” for PR’s, Medals/Ribbons, and […]


An Eagle learns to soar by using Thermal Currents of air.  These warm air patterns are created by the surrounding terrain.  Eagles will spread their Wings, and their Tail Feathers, allowing the wind to carry them to new heights.  Soaring saves an Eagle energy, because it does not have to flap its Wings as often. […]


There is no question that “Adversity Develops Character”!  An individual can either seize the moment and take a stance that “Nothing will keep me from where I want to go” or they can be CRUSHED by it.  There is an old saying that, “In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall”!  It is TRUE!  Rain […]