It was not an easy task, as they began the 2016 Liberty Tour Track & Field Series at a deficit, trailing by more than 100 points.  By the time they completed the President’s Open, the Country Mills Eagles managed to win their first meet, but still lagged in the scoring by almost 80 […]

Eagles Dodge the Ball, and Take Gold!

     It is OFFICIAL… the Country Mills Eagles added organized Dodgeball to the list of various Athletic Teams! Starting with Track & Field in 2001, the Country Mills Eagles have added Cross Country, Weight Lifting, Flag Football, and now Dodgeball.  As part of the Empire State Corporate Challenge, which just launched in 2016, the Country […]

“Soaring Eagles”!

Adirondack District Championships 2015       “Regardless of political persuasions, the economic environment, or the latest weather conditions; Sports Unite Us!   Whether you are a Fan or an Athlete, the passion for sports is Contagious and Inspiring… With an emphasis on programs to reach Youth, Master’s (Senior Citizens), and the Physically Challenged, the Empire State Sports Council is prepared […]


Patriot’s Invitational 2015      It is a new decade for the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Series, and that means there are several “NEW” and “EXCITING” things to set the pace for the next decade, which takes us to 2024. However, let’s NOT get too far ahead of ourselves, as I would like to […]

Liberty Tour Champs

          If I recall correctly, the beginning of each Superman episode began with, “Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful than a Locomotive, Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a single bound.”  After the results of Liberty Tour Track & Field Championships, I find myself a bit confused.  The Glencadia Bullets from the Adirondack Association were […]

East Region Championships: This was NO Holiday!

      What is the value of a Naysayer?  I can remember quite clearly a handful of people, almost a decade ago, that adamantly expressed their discontent over the very thought of contesting a Track & Field competition on a Holidayweekend.  In fact, even some in positions of “legendary importance” noted the gross inconvenience of hosting a meet at […]

INDEPENDENCE: Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

At this time of the year, we most often take time to reflect upon the incredible bravery and courage of our Founding Fathers, and all of the fighting Patriots, both Minute Men and the Militia Men, that were willing to give up everything of a personal nature, including leaving their families, in the very noble effort of preparing […]

Overcoming Obstacles

           On a day that seemed almost perfectly designed for outdoor competition; where the sun provided the ideal spotlight for the Adirondack Championship stage, one would think that this was a day created for great performances.  Instead, it was a day filled with obstacles!  The good news is that, “One man’s obstacles, can quickly become […]

Presidential Run

      When it comes to making a strong “Presidential Run”, most folks think of a political scenario where several candidates form campaigns, hire several staffers, raise an enormous amount of money for TV ads, Radio ads, and opportunities to destroy their political rival.  And few would think of any relationship to the 100m High Hurdles…except for […]

The Classic 400

      It was Memorial Day Weekend at Bethlehem High School on a beautiful warm sunny day, and the perfect backdrop to celebrate the Constitution.  More than 200 years old, one might wonder what this country will look like when it is 400 years old, nearly twice its current age. Will the USA be the […]

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