We are a FREE Nation, represented by the Eagle (American Symbol of that Freedom)!  The Liberty Tour has CELEBRATED FREEDOM since 2005, which was the inaugural season for the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series.  Never taking for granted the Freedom we had, the Pandemic stretched our “Inalienable Rights” to “Life, Liberty, and […]


So often it is easy to focus on the Victory, but without understanding the Struggles along the way. For Arianna Mills, the “Journey” began at the age of 3 when she first picked up a Turbo Javelin, thinking it was just another pretty toy to play with. Always being too young to advance to the […]


Some folks spend an entire lifetime hoping to get their “Shot” in Life. All too often they are waiting for someone else to do something for them, rather to seek out opportunity, and take advantage of it! Just one (1) month ago, while at the Region 1 Track & Field Championships @ St. John’s University […]

GOLD RUSH @ St. John’s University

            There was a time when folks from the Northeast headed West due to rumors of Gold being discovered.  For the Country Mills Eagles Track & Field Team, they just headed South to NYC where Gold was abundant all weekend at the AAU Region I Track & Field Championships.  With temperatures in the 90’s, and […]

Lucky (7) Seven

            As an Athlete I ABSOLUTELY DETEST hearing someone say to me, prior to any competition, “Good Luck”!  The intention of the one who delivers that sentiment certainly DOES NOT mean any harm, but to suggest, in any way, that an Athlete needs “luck”, to successfully compete, diminishes all of the Strength Training, Drills, […]

New EAGLES in the Nest

It goes without saying that every year at this Springtime, that the Country Mills Eagles tend to find New Members (EaglesJ) in the Nest. They come in all shapes and sizes, and perform in all different types of Events! Well, 2019 is NO exception to that. The Liberty Tour Track & Field Series is a […]


Being a talented Athlete isn’t always glamorous!  Getting the Gold Medal in the 100m or the Long Jump ends with the conclusion of the meet, most of the time.  In order to advance to the Regional and National levels often takes the work of Fundraising.  Unfortunately, many Athletes like to avoid such, thinking that someone […]


It has been stated over the years that Track & Field is the “Ultimate Cross Training Sport”.  This is derived from the fact that Track & Field has a foundation of working and training the three (3) Basic Motor Skill Movements, which are Running, Jumping, and Throwing.  In fact, it is likely that if you […]


     It was not an easy task, as they began the 2016 Liberty Tour Track & Field Series at a deficit, trailing by more than 100 points.  By the time they completed the President’s Open, the Country Mills Eagles managed to win their first meet, but still lagged in the scoring by almost 80 […]

Eagles Dodge the Ball, and Take Gold!

     It is OFFICIAL… the Country Mills Eagles added organized Dodgeball to the list of various Athletic Teams! Starting with Track & Field in 2001, the Country Mills Eagles have added Cross Country, Weight Lifting, Flag Football, and now Dodgeball.  As part of the Empire State Corporate Challenge, which just launched in 2016, the Country […]