Soaring Eagles 06

It began on April 22nd. It was rainy and cold. It was hardly the hazy, hot, and humid of July to come. Yet, it was the starting point for every athlete, and each would have to determine where he or she wanted to be in late July. Some would be soaking up the lazy days […]

When Opportunity Meets Preparedness! – 06

It has been said that when opportunity and preparedness meet, there is success! For Shondelle McCray and many of his teammates, the Region 1 Junior Olympics in Kingston, NY was such a time. With 30 of their 42 athletes qualifying for the Region 1 JO Meet, a strong performance was in order. Head Coach Anthony […]

They Shall Mount UP With Wings As Eagles – 06

One of the disadvantages of the “Team Photo” is that all athletes look like ordinary people. And, so it is with these athletes shown in the picture above. However, the Country Mills Eagles Track & Field team of 2006 were more than that! It would take three months to develop, but the final picture is […]

A Shot in the Dark – 06

     It was 230 years ago that a special group of people declared us “Independent” from England. At that time, it may have been seen as a shot in the dark, but today we all have the freedom to participate in such wonderful opportunities as the Empire State Liberty Tour’s, Independent Invitational, because they […]

More Than Qualified 06

It has been nearly two months since the first practice of the season, and now it was time to begin reaping the rewards that come from hard work, diligent practice, and hours of skill development. It was the Adirondack Junior Olympic Championships, the first qualifying meet of the season. Those that placed in the top […]

Able to Leap Tall Buildings – 06

     He is certainly fast, but is he faster than a speeding bullet? He puts the shot, but is he more powerful than a locomotive? He is seen above setting the President’s Open Intermediate Boys record in the Long Jump, but is he able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? If so, […]

Off to a Great Start! 06

Although the weather eventually turned cold, windy, and rainy, the second meet of the Country Mills Eagles season (the Constitution Classic) got off to a great start and finished with a solid performance by many of the Country Mills Eagles athletes. “I believe we had more than 20 of our club records broken at the […]

Brothers in Waiting – 06

It’s been five weeks since the first practice of the season! Now is the time to discover and measure the progress of skill development at the Patriot’s Invitational. The anticipation of their first Track & field meet has these boys (from the left: Eddie & Zach Medick, Mark & Andrew Tatlock) concerned?, confused?, anxious?, probably […]

Rising Eagles – 05

Indianapolis will never be the same again! Now that the Country Mills Eagles have landed with their National Junior Olympic qualifiers, the city of Indianapolis may never recover. After having 41 of their 53 athletes qualify for the Region 1 Junior Olympics in Queensbury, NY on July 8th – 10th, there were 22 that qualified […]