Presidential Run

      When it comes to making a strong “Presidential Run”, most folks think of a political scenario where several candidates form campaigns, hire several staffers, raise an enormous amount of money for TV ads, Radio ads, and opportunities to destroy their political rival.  And few would think of any relationship to the 100m High Hurdles…except for […]

The Classic 400

      It was Memorial Day Weekend at Bethlehem High School on a beautiful warm sunny day, and the perfect backdrop to celebrate the Constitution.  More than 200 years old, one might wonder what this country will look like when it is 400 years old, nearly twice its current age. Will the USA be the […]

A True Test of Patriotism

      It has been stated throughout time that adversity is the fertile ground from which Great Opportunities can grow, and Great Things accomplished. With that thought in mind, the Patriot’s Invitational faced its fair share of 2010 adversity. At the top of the list would be the lack of a contract agreement with Finish Right […]

Lightning Strikes at the Independence Invitational

       It has long been believed that Lightning never strikes the same place twice.  I shall submit to you that those who hold to such a belief did not attend the Independence Invitational on July 3rd at the Ichabod Crane High School Sports Complex.  It is certain that the first strike of Lightning was not […]

Tribute To The Mother Eagle

         Long, Long Ago, In A Township Far, Far Away, lived a young girl that was not  allowed to compete on the Track & Field team, because she wasn’t a boy, and there was not a Girl’s Track & Field Team. She was faster than all of the boys on the team, but will […]

A President, A Pass, and a Promise

     It has been known throughout time that good speeches are those that are made with three (3) key points. I wonder if the same is true about remembering Great Performances at an Exciting Event? To change things around just a bit, I have decided to discuss the Pass before the President.      It was […]

Amending the Constitution

     The Education Amendment of 1972, most popularly known as Title IX, stated the following: Section 1681. Sex (a) Prohibition against discrimination; exceptions. No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program […]

Speed Shatters Patriot’s Records

For the first time in the five (5) year history of the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series, the Patriot’s Invitational was not hosted at Shenendehowa High School due to the complete reconstruction of a new eight (8) lane track, and an all new field events layout, which will be ready for the […]

Master Hunter

You have heard of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, the Mighty Thor, the Incredible Hulk, and Captain America, but they were not present for this Independence Invitational (though they are always invited). Nonetheless, though these Master’s athletes may not be Master’s of the Universe, their record setting performances on this Sunday afternoon at the University @ Albany clearly made an […]

Eagles Eye on the JOs

  It was the perfect day for championship competition! It was not too hot, not too humid, and perfectly sunny,. It was one of those days you dream of for a competition such as the Adirondack Junior Olympic Championships. Even the temporary lack of power, didn’t taint this wonderful day. It was a day filled with excitement, competition and fun, […]

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