Mikyra Austin

There is no question that “Adversity Develops Character”!  An individual can either seize the moment and take a stance that “Nothing will keep me from where I want to go” or they can be CRUSHED by it.  There is an old saying that, “In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall”!  It is TRUE!  Rain affects everyone!  How one responds to it… well that is up to the individual.

It DOES NOT happen, often during a Liberty Tour Track & Field Meet, but for the Patriot’s Invitational, the 1st Leg of the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series, there was a brief period where RAIN fell.  Some thought we should stop the Meet, yet others saw it as an opportunity!  For an Athlete to excel during adverse conditions, makes it more likely that they will heighten their Performance when the weather is “Perfect” (Not too Hot, too Cold, Windy, Rainy, or Humid)!

At the 2022 Patriot’s Invitational, there were Eagles for whom it was nothing to “Rise Above It”!  One didn’t need to look any further than the 100m Dash, where one of the newest Eagles, Mikyra Austin (Girl’s 13-14) seemed to cut through the Rain just fine to post one of the best times (13.68) in the 100m Dash since 2006.  Although the Record is 13.12, it looks quite possible that this Record could fall before the end of the 2022 Track & Field Season.  She also took 1st Place in the 200m (28.69) and the Long Jump (3.50m)!

Jae-cion Boyd

Picking right up where he left off in 2021, Jae-cion Boyd (Boy’s 9-10) took 1st Place in the 100m (14.44), the 200m (32.98), and the Long Jump (4.06m).

Arianna Mills

Arianna Mills (Girl’s 11-12) took 1st Place in the High Jump (1.25m), now in a tie for the Record held by Shannon Lenzi (2006), 1st Place in the 80m Hurdles (16.88), and 1st Place in the Javelin with a Country Mills Eagles Record of 20.68m, set by Faith DeMars (2012) who now competes for the Nittany Lions of Penn State University, at 17.64m.

So, it IS True that “A Little Rain Must Fall in Every Life”, these Athletes decided to RISE ABOVE IT! 😊

To view all of the Results from the 2022 Patriot’s Invitational, click on the link.  For all of the Country Mills Eagles Records, click the link.

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