Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

We are ONLY five (5) weeks away from the Liberty Games, and Flag Football Registration is OPEN!  We are contesting three (3) Divisions in 2019, and they are Men, Women, and Co-Ed!  Better Yet… we are offering PRIZE $$ for 1st Place!  So, be sure to get your Team Registered NOW!  We Are READY for […]

T. E. A. M. Together Everyone Achieves More

            Anagrams, at times, can be overused, cute, and difficult.  In this case, though, it is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!            Seldom do folks think of Team when the sport of Track & Field is the topic of conversation, as we are often discussing the Individual Performance of […]

2019 Liberty Games Basketball

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This is a phrase that has become a “cliché”. ☹ Although it is used all the time, so few truly understand its meaning to them personally! When it comes to Track & Field, which is an Individual Team Sport where Athletes compete as “Individuals” in particular Events to score points for the “Team”, TEAMWORK is […]


           The World of Sports has a long history of over-achievers!  These are Athletes that were assumed to be too tall, too short, too big, too little, too light, too heavy, and just about any combination of “Box Labeling” that under-achievers can imagine, that would keep them from Success! ☹  Spud Webb was too short […]

New EAGLES in the Nest

It goes without saying that every year at this Springtime, that the Country Mills Eagles tend to find New Members (EaglesJ) in the Nest. They come in all shapes and sizes, and perform in all different types of Events! Well, 2019 is NO exception to that. The Liberty Tour Track & Field Series is a […]


            On a day custom made for Track & Field, the Patriot’s Invitational was, once again, the host for the Kickoff Event of the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series!  At a meet filled with Eagles, Striders, Road Runners, Superstars, Bulldogs, and others, it was the Bullets (Glencadia Bullets) that came out on top. Superman […]


Kickoff to Celebrating 15 Years of the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series We are just one (1) week away from the Patriot’s Invitational, which has always been the Kickoff Event for the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series!  This year, however, marks 15 years that the Patriot’s Invitational has filled this role. In fact, […]


It is now “OFFICIAL”!    All Liberty Tour Dates & Locations are set! Just in time, too, as we are EXCITED about the 2019 Track & Field Season!


          The Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports for short) is pleased and proud to announce the Empire State Corporate Challenge for 2019!             As part of the ES Sports Annual Calendar of Events, the Empire State Corporate Challenge is unique in many ways!  “There are hundreds of “corporate challenges” across the […]