Burning Calories While Spring Cleaning!

     "In every job that MUST be done, there is an element of FUN; you find the FUN and SNAP, the job's a GAME!"  I may be dating myself here, but I wonder how many of you can remember that line from one of the most successful Musical Films in history?  They were spoken by the most beautiful Nanny the world has ever known.  She is also one of the most talented vocalists of all time.  In case you have still not guessed who she is, her name is Mary Poppins...well, actually the actress is Julie Andrews.  Has anyone ever wondered why she seemed to be able to stay looking so fit and trim as a Nanny?
     Perhaps a different look at the concept of "House Work" will provide for you a New Perspective on making the most mundane of activities, your opportunity to burn calories.  You may get caught up on all of those Household Projects still waiting to be done, but it will certainly make Spring Cleaning a bit more Fun and Exciting!   Check out the following list of things to do around the house, and you may discover that you not only want to do more, but you may begin preparing a list for your Spouse and your Children!  The following chart is based upon a person that is 150 lbs., and shows the calories burned for 15 minutes and 60 minutes:
								  15 mins.	   60 mins.
	Carpet Sweeping, Sweeping Floors			     39		     156
	Heavy Cleaning or Major Work				     34		     136
	     (Includes Window Cleaning, Car Washing, etc.)
	Mopping						             43		     170
	Light Cleaning
	     (Includes Dusting, Changing the linens, etc.)	     26		     102
	Carrying Groceries Upstairs				     111	     142
	Feeding the Animals					     26		     102
	Washing Dishes						     26		     102
	Moving the Furniture					     85		     340
	Sweeping the Garage, Driveway, or Walkway		     51		     204
	Bathing the Dog						     43		     170

     With Spring just around the corner (Pay NO Attention to all of the SNOW still on the ground outside), NOW is a GREAT time to get started with all of the Spring Cleaning and Chores you have wanted to get done.  Not only will you Burn lots of Calories, but you will get so many more projects around the house completed!