It is safe to say that the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series survived the five (5) year threshold to determine if it would be a Success Story, or a flop.  Success   Stories are much easier to live with!

     The Liberty Tour Track & Field Series begins on Memorial Day Weekend with the Patriot’s Invitational, and concludes each season with the Liberty Games Track & Field competition shortly after Independence Day Weekend, so it was appropriately named.  It consists of six (6) Track & Field Events (Patriot’s Invitational, Constitution Classic, President’s Open, AAU Adirondack District Championships, Independence Invitational, and the Liberty Games).  It is the ONLY Track & Field Series to contest the Combined Events twice each year (AAU Adirondack District Championships and the Liberty Games).

     Since it’s Inaugural Season in 2005, it has been a Track & Field Series that is open to Athletes of ALL ages (3 – 95).  That IS correct, the youngest competitor was 3 years old, and the oldest competitor was 95 years young!  Athletes have come from Florida, Colorado, California, and even New York to compete.  Produced by the Empire State Sports Council, they have hosted more than 20,000 Athletes, and it grows each year.  Beginning with their 10th Anniversary in 2014, ES Sports partnered with Liberty Sports Group to offer more than $1,500 in Gift Certificates each year to the top four (4) Track & Field Clubs that compete at the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series (more than 40 Teams).

     “It has been much like raising Children.  There are GREAT moments and occasionally terrible moments, but you NEVER consider throwing them away!”, claims Anthony Mills, Executive Director for ES Sports.  He continues, “What is most interesting to absorb is the fact that some of the Athletes that competed in the Junior Divisions in 2004, now have their own Children competing in the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series!  We are now entering the next generation of Athletes!” 😊

The 2019 Liberty Tour Schedule is ready, and is as follows:

     Patriot’s Invitational – Saturday, May 25th (2:00 pm)
     Constitution Classic – Saturday, June 1st (2:00 pm)
     President’s Open – Sunday, June 9th (2:00 pm)
     Adirondack District Championships:
Combined Events – Friday, June 14th (5:00 pm)
Full Meet – Saturday, June 15th (11:00 am)
     Independence Invitational – Saturday, July 5th (2:00 pm)
     Liberty Games Track & Field Championships:
Combined Events – Friday, July 19th (5:00 pm)
Full Meet – Saturday, July 20th (11:00 am)

     Information will continue to be updated over the next couple of months, but you can stay current by visiting, or send a message to the Meet Director (Lisa) at

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