Presidents Open Track Meet

As one that is a Teacher of Physical Education, the Foundation for all Basic Motor Skill Movement is Running, Jumping, and Throwing!  That noted, being able to develop those Basic Skills, as a young boy or girl, is to be able to set the stage for taking on Fine Motor Movement Skills, such as Sprinting, Long Jumping, Javelin Throwing, etc.

One DOES NOT learn to Pole Vault (effectively) without knowing how to Long Jump or High Jump, which are precursors to learning how to Vault, as a general rule.  In the same manner, learning to throw a Softball usually comes before one learns how to throw a Discus.

One of the reasons for the Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports for short) producing the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series each year is to offer Athletes opportunities to develop these Basic Motor Movement Skills that are practiced during the week with their Teams.

At the President’s Open, the 3rd Leg of the Liberty Tour, the Basic Motor Skills showed considerable development.  For the Running, we only need to watch Emma Szarek (Majistics) in the Girl’s (13-14) 800m Run as she sets a new President’s Open Record in that Event with a time of 2:31.90, breaking the previous Record of 2:33.43 set by Olivia Cruickshank in 2015.  Moreover, Emma also set a new 1500m Record, in the same Age Division, with a time of 5:22.99, shattering the old Record of 5:41.03 set by Olivia Skylstad in 2016.  If your name is Olivia, BEWARE of Emma! 😊

Presidents Open Track Meet

As for Jumping, Raiyah Patterson showed off her Skill Development by setting a new Girl’s (11-12) Long Jump Record with a leap of 4.39m, just barely nudging out the previous Record of 4.38m by Nastasja Johnston set in 2009.

Presidents Open Track Meet

When it comes to Throwing, the Javelin Vector was the ideal stage for two (2) Records.  The first by Alana Burden (Country Mills Eagles), who set a PR, as well as a President’s Open Record with her toss of 32.65m, breaking the previous Record of 31.38m by Amanda Pasko set in 2013.

Presidents Open Track Meet

To prove that Records are NOT just for the Youth Athletes, but also for those that are Young at Heart, Anthony Mills Jr. (Men’s Open Division) set a New President’s Open Record with a throw of 50.60m eclipsing the previous Record of 48.71m set by Anthony Mills Jr. in 2018!  Anthony also has the Liberty Tour Record for Javelin, which currently stands at 50.85m.

For ALL of the Results from the President’s Open just Click the link.  For ALL of the Records for the President’s Open, just Click the link.

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