About Us

What is the Empire State Corporate Challenge?

The Empire State Corporate Challenge is an Olympic Style Sports Festival that brings together Business Owners, Managers, Employees, Volunteers, and their Families from businesses and organizations of all sizes around the Empire State for competition in a variety of Fun Filled Athletic, and some Non Athletic, events.

The purpose for this good natured competition is to promote the interaction of co-workers, boost company morale, facilitate company pride, provide healthy physical and mental conditioning for employees, enhance employer/employee relations, and create a Fun & Exciting arena for networking.

The Empire State Corporate Challenge provides an opportunity for everyone in your company, including their Spouses and Children, to contribute to the Team’s Success. From the Great Empire Walk to the Track & Field Team to the Volunteer Program, involving as many Business Owners, Managers, and Employees as possible is one of our objectives. Volunteering is a GREAT way for Employees, who may not want to participate in a tournament event, to assist their company’s success during the Corporate Challenge by giving back to the Communities in which they live, work, and play!

The Empire State Corporate Challenge is open to Large Corporations, Small Businesses, Service Organizations, Private and Non Profit Organizations, Divisions or Units, Schools, Churches, Associations, and Government Agencies. If you feel we left your group out, contact us and we can determine how best to accommodate your group.