About Us

            It was the first, and is currently the only, 5k Race of its kind, as it has so many unique qualities to it that separate it from any other Road Race in all of New York State and the Northeast.  Please note the some of the “Highlights” offered in the Stars & Stripes 5k Twilight Run:

  • The Race commences on the Track at the start of the 5000m Start Line, then after 200m on the Track, Runners exit the Stadium and take the run on a very “Runner Friendly” town road with a “turn-a-round” point at the Town Park, and then it finishes with nearly a full 400m lap on the Track in front of a cheering crowd.
  • It is the only 5k Road Race that is part of a Track & Field Event, thus bringing the two together to share and enjoy the Summer Night.
  • Free Commemorative T-shirt
  • There are few evening Road Races, but none that are scheduled to finish under the lights in front of seated spectators in the stadium.
  • Team Competition is encouraged and it will be scored.
  • Prize $$ Money is available.
  • Free Refreshment Buffet at the conclusion of the Race.

With the vision to become one of the Premier 5k Road Race Events in the Empire State, we are excited about the growth we will see this year and the years to come!