What is the Empire State Liberty Tour?

A: It was the first, and is the only, outdoor Track & Field series of its kind in all of New York State, and the Northeast. In addition, it is also the first and only Track & Field Series to accommodate all Youth, Open and Master’s age divisions.  Scheduled to begin Memorial Day Weekend and culminate on Independence Day Weekend, the Liberty Tour was appropriately named. Meets will be held in nine (9) different counties throughout the Empire State, from NYC to Buffalo.  With the vision to become one of the Premier Track & Field Events in America, we are excited about the growth we will see this year and the years to come.

How do I register for any of the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field events?

A: Just click “Register Now” from the Home Page, and select the meet for which you would like to register.

Where do the meets take place for Empire State Liberty Tour?

A: There are currently a minimum of six (6) meets on the annual Liberty Tour schedule. They include the Patriot’s Invitational, Constitution Classic, President’s Open, USATF Adirondack Championships, Independence Invitational, and the Empire State Track & Field Championships. Each of these meets has historically been located somewhere inside of the Adirondack Region, whose borders are from the most eastern part of New York to the western part of Utica, and Kingston north to the most northern border of New York. However, we are currently adding and/or moving some of the events to better accommodate and incorporate more of the western and southern parts of the state.

Who can participate in the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series?

A: The Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series is open to Youth Boys & Girls in the Junior Olympic divisions, and all Men & Women in both the Open & Master’s divisions. Be aware that the Championship events do have certain restrictions. Please be sure to check the eligibility guidelines for each meet, which can be found by clicking on “Register Now” from the Home Page, then clicking on the meet for which you wish to register. All entrants are encouraged to have a current USATF membership; and although it is not essential to be eligible for competition at some of the meets; it is necessary for all Championship Events. Memberships will be sold at the meets for $30.00 to Open and Master’s athletes, and $20.00 to Junior Olympic athletes with proof of birth. To apply for your membership online you can visit http://www.usatf.org/membership.asp.


What are the entrance fees for the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field?

A: With the addition of Qualifying Trials in the six Liberty Games regions, and all the Adirondack USATF Championships, we can no longer post Entry Fees, Registration Deadlines, or Meet Eligibility in any flyer, brochure or in the space provided here.  However, the entrance fees are all listed on the Registration Forms for each individual meet in the Liberty Tour series. Just click “Register Now” from the Home Page, and select the meet for which you would like to register, and the fees will be listed on that form for individuals and teams.

Do I have to be part of a team or club to register to compete at any of the Empire State Liberty Tour’s events?

A: Not at all! There are advantages to belonging to a team and competing with that team, but it is not at all necessary in order to compete in any of the Liberty Tour meets.  All athletes are welcome that would like to participate as “independent” or “unattached” athletes.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for anyone to compete in the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series meets?

A: For “developmental” meets there is an age limit of four (4) years old. However, for any of the Qualifying Trials or Championship events, athletes must be seven (7) years of age. There is no maximum age limit. Currently the oldest athlete to compete in any of the Liberty Tour meets is 95 years young.

How are there age divisions set up for athletes?

A: There are several age divisions for athletes ages 7 to 18. They are determined by
the year of birth, and are as follows:

  • Sub Bantam (03 – 04)
  • Bantam (01 – 02)
  • Midget (99 -00)
  • Youth (97 – 98)
  • Intermediate (95 – 96)
  • Young Men/Women (93 – 94)

The Open Division allows for athletes older than the Youth and Scholastic divisions. As a rule, these athletes are between the ages of 19 – 34.

 Master’s Divisions begin at age 35, and increase in five (5) year increments;
for example, those from age 35 – 39 are one division, and those that fall between the ages of 40 – 44 would be in the next age bracket, and so on…

What meets are Qualifying Trials and Championships?

A: The President’s Open is the Qualifying Trial for those wishing to advance to the Liberty Games in the Adirondack Region.

The USATF Adirondack Junior Olympic Championships are the Qualifying Meet for the USATF Region I Junior Olympics.