Do I need to compete in a Regional Qualifier?

A:  Not in 2013!!  Due to the length of time to build the proper infrastructure to the Liberty Games, none of the Sports will contest Regional Qualifiers.  However, in 2014 there will be Regional Qualifiers for some sports, but it is not a “Try-Out” model.  Instead, Teams will compete at the Regional Qualifier and advance as a Team (for team oriented sports).  The number of teams advancing will be determined by the end of March 2014.  For Individual Team Sports (Track & Field, Swimming, etc.) the top finishers (and that number has not been determined, as yet) will advance to the Liberty Games.  Be assured that it will be more than just the top two (2) finishers from each Region in each event.  The number four (4) has been discussed, and has strong support, although it has not been voted on at this time by the Sports Council.