Liberty Games

The Liberty Games are being held at various sites and times throughout the Capital Region of New York State during the week of July 10 to July 19, 2015.  For specific event information go to the sports page and click on the sport that is of particular interest to you.

Batter Up…Softball Steps Up to the Plate

        With the harsh Eastern New York Winter that we just survived, it is time to think Spring, that much is certain!  Okay, so you may not qualify less than a foot of snow all year as harsh, and if it wasn’t for the most recent snowfall, it is questionable whether there was […]

A New State Games is Coming in 2012!

      It is likely a safe guess that many of you that have visited this site in the past couple of weeks are wondering what in the world are the Liberty Games?  Some of you have asked questions about the number of sports being contested, and others are keenly interested in where the Liberty Games will […]

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