Liberty Tour Track & Field Standings

website lead article image templatePost Patriot’s Invitational 2016

The first leg of the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series has concluded, and the Team Standings are as follows:

1st Place – Chatham Gold (298 Points)

2nd Place – Country Mills Eagles (238 Points)

3rd Place – Glencadia Bullets (117 Points)

4th Place – In A NY Minute – (66 Points)

5th Place – Averill Park Road Runners (55 Points)

6th Place – Triple Cities Runners Club (34 Points)

7th Place – Shawangunk Runners (28 Points)

8th Place – Chenango Bolts (19 Points)

9th Place – Twilight Throwers Club (15 Points)

Superstars Track Club (15 Points)

10th Place – Greater Boston Track Club – (5 Points)

     Next up on the Liberty Tour Track & Field schedule is the Constitution Classic, and it doesn’t take much for positions on the Team Score Board to change places, especially considering that the Adirondack District Championships, and the Liberty Games are both “weighted” events.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Constitution Classic, including Teams from NYC, Binghamton, and Ogdensburg!

Constitution ClassicSunday, June 5th (2:00 pm) @ Ichabod Crane High School

     Ichabod Crane High School has an eight (8) lane Track all the way around, and boasts three (3) Long Jump Pits with white sand, and nicely marked Throwing Vectors!  We are ALWAYS excited to have one (1) of the Liberty Tour events at this location, and we hope that you will join us for all of the Exciting Competition and FUN that surrounds each ES Sports event.

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