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   bring your game challenge website article  photo-01  The Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports for short) is the Non Profit organization that produces the Liberty Games, which are now the new state games in New York.  As part of our Fall Fundraising Campaign to assist ES Sports in its efforts to continue to keep the Flame of the Liberty Games burning brightly, we are launching the BRING YOUR GAME CHALLENGE today, September 9th!   The following information will provide greater detail, and hopefully the fuel necessary for you to offer a CHALLENGE.

bring your game challenge website button     Concept:  Each person MUST post a video of themselves performing their chosen "Sport" or "Exercise".  Thus the phrase, Bring Your Game!  Your "GAME" can be any number of different shapes and sizes, meaning that you could shoot Free Throws in Basketball, take a Penalty Shot in Soccer (the same works for Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Water Polo, etc.), Throw a Strike at the Bowling Alley, Run a 100m Dash, Throw the Discus (or Shot, Javelin, Hammer, etc.), Swim 25m, Complete any Obstacle Course Design, Hit a Baseball (Softball) or Throw a Strike from Pitcher to Catcher, Serve a Tennis Ball, Spike a Volleyball, Kick a Field Goal, or any number of other opportunities to post a video of what you like to do.  In some cases it may be that you show us a Cheerleading Routine, or that you Jump Rope, do Push-ups, or Bench Press your Weights!

     Challenge:  Upon being "Challenged", each person MUST perform their choice of Sport or Exercise, then Make and Post the Video to your FB page or You Tube account successfully, in order to avoid having to "Make A Donation".  However, you just need to post the video of your performance within 48 hours of being "Challenged".  If you DO NOT, then you MUST Make A Donation to ES Sports.  Once the "Challenge" is met, or a "Donation" is made, then be sure to "Challenge" others to do the same!

     For more information on the Liberty Games, check out their website at  You will be able to access information about all of the exciting new things that are coming in 2015, which is slated for July 10th – 19th next year.

bring your game challenge website button
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