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ESCC final    Empire State Corporate Challenge Arrives in 2016

        The Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports) is pleased, and proud, to announce that the Empire State Corporate Challenge will arrive in 2016 as a part of the Annual Calendar of Events for ES Sports!   
	"There are many 'corporate challenges' across the nation, but most of those are centered around long distance running events", stated Anthony Mills, Executive Director of ES Sports.  He continued, "There are several things that will make the Empire State Corporate Challenge different, and they are as follows:"
	This is a Statewide Event, so ALL Corporations can participate, regardless of whether they have a "Regional" reach, or a "Statewide" footprint!  
	There is NO LIMIT to the size of a business that can participate!  Whether you have six (6) Employees or 6,000 Employees, you can still enter in as many of the events as you like!
	ES Sports places GREAT Value on the Family, and so for this Corporate Challenge, not only can the Employee participate for any of the Teams, but so can their Spouse, and their Children!  Everyone can have a part in scoring points for the Corporation!
	Finally, there will be a minimum of six (6) Sports being contested, and they are Track & Field, Dodgeball, Basketball, Pickleball, Road Racing, and Ping Pong.  It is possible that more sports will be added in 2016, but these are on tap for now.

	The competitions are slated to begin in April of 2016, and conclude in early July.  There is an ES Sports Summit being held in late October, where the Sports Council will discuss more about the Empire State Corporate Challenge, and it is anticipated that all of the details for Registration will be available on the website by the end of October.

	"We are excited about the ES Sports Summit!", exclaimed Perry Foster, Treasurer for ES Sports, and the Chairman of the ES Sports Summit Committee.  He added, "This is an opportunity for the Empire State Sports Council to deliver its Mission Statement of Exercise, Health, and Education on a large scale, and will very likely change the way Corporations, and Families, look at, and engage, these three (3) key elements of everyday life."

	For more information about the Empire State Sports Council, just visit their website at  For information about the Empire State Corporate Challenge, please e-mail the Event Coordinator, Lisa Mills, at, or call the office at (518) 406-5478.  Information will be posted, as soon as it is made available, and ready for action.  Please continue to check their website for further details, and "Like" their FB page:

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