LEAD or GET OUT of the WAY!

     “In the Business World, you either Lead or Get Out of the Way!”, claims Anthony Mills, Executive Director of the Empire State Sports Council.  He continues, “It was time for the Empire State Sports Council to find such a person!”  He is referring to the Empire State Corporate Challenge, which will debut in April of 2018!

Starting in late December the Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports for short) received 109 Applications for two (2) Assistant Event Coordinators.  One for the Empire State Corporate Challenge, and the other for the Liberty Games.  After more than 30 days of a rigorous process that included reviewing each Resume, reviewing each Personality Test, administering Phone Interviews, reviewing each Applicant’s Solutions on how to Develop and Expand the scope of the ES Sports Events, and Personal (Face to Face) Interviews, such a LEADER was found!

       “Although she IS NOT interested in ‘Photo Ops’, or being a ‘Movie Star’, she possesses an attraction that is almost magnetic.”, according to Mr. Mills.  He adds, “She is a Goal Setter, a Worker, and is NOT afraid to Take the Lead!”  With plenty of experience behind her that is equal to her ability to meet people, Brandy Farber is the Event Coordinator for the Empire State Corporate Challenge!  There are plenty of “Corporate Challenges” around the nation, and most of them are about Running.  But only a small handful contest multiple Sports Events, and NONE that are Family Friendly!

     The Empire State Corporate Challenge will contest seven (7) events in 2018, including the Kick-off Event, which will be Dodgeball (Saturday, April 21st).  Additional events are Basketball (3-on-3), Softball, Track & Field, 5k Run, Kickball, and the Great Empire Walk!  The Great Empire Walk is the Final Event, and will take place at Via Port Mall in Rotterdam on Saturday, September 22nd.

     “I am honored to have been selected as the Event Coordinator for the Empire State Corporate Challenge!”, exclaims Brandy.  “When I first heard about this New Event, I thought it was an excellent concept, as I LOVED the idea of including Families!  There is NO reason why every Business in the Empire State is not participating in some of these Events, especially the Great Empire Walk!”

     For those that are interested in any or ALL of the Empire State Corporate Challenge Events, you can contact Brandy Farber at BrandyFarber@ ESSportsCouncil.org, or call the Office at (518) 406-5478.  We suggest that you follow Brandy’s Lead!

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