President’s Open

Date:  Sunday,  June 9, 2024

Location:  Rensselaer HS,  25 Van Rensselaer Dr.  Rensselaer, NY  12144


Start time:  2:00pm

Packet/Bib pickup:  1:00pm.  Preregistration strongly encouraged.  Day of meet registration incurs the late fee and always delays the start time.

Entrance Fees:  Preregistration rate:  Youth $15;  Open/Masters $30; There is a day of meet charge of an additional $10 for late registrationCHANGES TO ENTRIES are also discouraged, but will be allowed, and incur a Fee of $5 per change!

Team Discounts:  Teams that register 10-24 athletes – $1 off each; 25-49 athletes – $2 off each;  50 or more athletes – $3 off each.  To qualify for team discounts, teams MUST preregister, and submit a Team Roster to ES Sports, which includes contact information (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail) for the Parents of each Athlete.  Due to Insurance DEMANDS, we MUST have a means to connect with Parents should something happen.  Team Discounts do not apply for Athletes who Register late or day of meet.

Registration Deadline:  Saturday, June 8, 2024; 11:00pm

Online Registration

Liberty Tour Individual Registration Form

Team Registration Form

Schedule of Events

Track Events:  100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m,1500m RW, 3000m RW, HH, IH, 4×100, 4×400, 4×800 

Field  Events:  High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump,  Shot Put, Discus Throw and Javelin/Turbo Jav Throw.  There will be no implement inspection. All Youth (18 and younger) will get three (3) trials; Open and Masters will get six (6) trials, assuming there are not enough entries to have Preliminary Flights, and then Finals. (This does not apply to HJ.)

Eligibility:  All age groups allowed.  USATF or AAU membership not required.  Primary, Bantams and Midgets are allowed three events.  Youth, Junior Scholastic, Senior Scholastic, Open, & Masters may enter four events.  Relays do not count toward the limit.

Age Divisions:  Youth age divisions are determined by the year of birth.  Primary – 2018 +; Sub Bantam – 2017-2016; Bantam – 2015-2014; Midget – 2013-2012; Youth – 201-2010; Juniors – 2009-2008; Seniors – 2007-2006 (This division includes those athletes who are still 18 up until August 3, 2024).  Open and Masters age divisions are determined by age on the day of the meet.

Helpful tips at the Meet: 

1.  Enter on time:  Late registrations, additions, and changes only slow the meet down AND increases the likelihood of errors.  All the paperwork is printed well before the day of the meet. So when entries are received late, the changes are penciled in on the heat sheets, and are easy to miss.

2.  Scratches:  If you know an athlete will not be attending, let the official at their event(s) know.  They spend time waiting, looking, and sending people to find these non attending athletes.

3. Accurate entries:  Make sure your athlete’s Date of birth and Gender is accurate!  When athletes register, ES Sports can only  take the data entered.  These errors in athlete entry may change an athlete’s division, thus affecting other athlete’s results….most notably in the 100m Dash Prelims and Finals.

4.  Compatible Events:  When entering an athlete, choose the events that the athlete can realistically compete in. Just because you are allowed 3 or 4 events, you do not need to enter that many.  This is along the lines of what my Mother used to say: “You can have as much as you want, just eat what you take!”  So, enter as many events up to your limit, but attend the events you enter.  This reduces the scratches issues listed in #2.

If there are two events going simultaneously, ie. Pole Vault  and High Jump for 13-14, you may not want to enter both. The athlete will be forced to go back and forth between venues, tiring them out (thus affecting their performance) and requiring both events to wait for their return (sometimes the athlete never returns, so the official and all the other athletes were waiting for no reason).  This DRAMATICALLY affects the length of the competition!