Featured Athlete

Lost & Found

Every meet we have a certain amount of ‘stuff’ that gets left behind.  We usually pick it all up and wait for the calls or emails to start coming in to see if we have found their ‘stuff’.  So far this 2019 season, we have found glasses, a tape measure, sweat pants, tshirts, a youth […]

Early Experience Pays Off!

     This Senior Ichabod Crane athlete just finished the Colonial Council Indoor Track & Field Championships, taking 1st Place in the Long Jump and Triple Jump with jumps of 20′ 4 3/4″ and 43′ 1/2″, respectively. Austin Leonard began his “illustrious Track & Field career” at the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Field Series as a member of […]

Riley Grossman; Best Performance of the Year

This young lad only knows the meaning of what it is like to be 1st!  With 14 1st Place finishes throughout the Liberty Tour Series, it is the two from the Independence Invitational that have earned him the Best Performance of the Year Award.  With a winning time of 2:54.73 in the Bantam boy’s 800m Run, […]