Patriot’s Invitational 2015

     It is a new decade for the Empire State Liberty Tour Track & Series, and that means there are several “NEW” and “EXCITING” things to set the pace for the next decade, which takes us to 2024. However, let’s NOT get too far ahead of ourselves, as I would like to enjoy 2015, first.

     We started off with a “NEW” logo for each event of the Liberty Tour, began the Liberty Tour season at a completely “NEW” Track & Field facility (Taconic Hills High School), with three (3) “NEW” Teams that have never competed at any of the Liberty Tour events previously, had several “NEW” Records set, and starting in 2015, there is a “NEW” way to have your Track & Field Club earn “NEW” Equipment, Footwear, or Uniforms!

     Liberty Sports Gear has partnered with the Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports) and is offering more than $1,000 in Gift Certificates that can be used by the winning clubs  for any of the above items just noted. Carms Serge Clevereaux (Pictured Above), wasted no time getting right to it, as he led the Country Mills Eagles out of the blocks with a VERY convincing win in the 100m dash to assist the club in placing 3rd in the Team Standings (116 points), and just four (4) points out of 2nd Place, at the Patriot’s Invitational this past weekend.

     The Liberty Tour Track & Field Series is comprised of six (6) events, and the Constitution Classic is up next on Sunday, May 31st, with a 2:00 pm start time. Country Mills Eagles will NEED to be sure to get each of our Athletes to every Liberty Tour event, so that our Team is in the best position to earn one (1) of four (4) Team Prizes. The top Prize is worth $500 of Liberty Sports Gear!

     One of our photographers was unable to attend the Patriot’s Invitational, so we did NOT get photos of each of our Athletes at their various events, but we did have a few to draw from. Just scroll down further to catch the Thumbnails of just some of the FUN and EXCITMENT of the day. Click the Thumbnail to view the entire photo with the caption.

      For all of the Results from the 2015 Patriot’s Invitational, just click “Results” from the navigation bar for the Liberty Tour. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Constitution Classic in Ravena on Sunday!

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