“Walking the Walk”!

great empire walk-jay and latashaGreat Empire Walk 2015

     The Kickoff to the 2015 Liberty Games was the Great Empire Walk, the Annual Fundraising event for the Empire State Sports Council, which produces the Liberty Games each year. Although we DID NOT hit our goal for this year, we did increase our Fundraising almost 100%.

     The Great Empire Walk Sponsor (Sports Zone), also has a Team that participates in the Fundraising, and Jay Dent (owner) was caught “Walking the Walk” with Latasha Murdaugh (Country Mills Eagles) at the Rotterdam Square Mall! “We are NOT where we would like to be, but the continued improvement is a good sign that we are moving in the right direction”, noted Jay. He adds, “The new location of the Great Empire Walk was a wise move, and we are anticipating even greater growth in 2016.”

     The Great Empire Walk is not about athletic ability, and so awards are given based upon the amount of Fundraising done. In 2015, the top three (3) Prizes were as follows:

1st Place – BIG Screen TV
2nd Place – iPhone5
3rd Place – $100 Gift Certificate from Sports Zone

     The top three (3) Winners are:

1st Place – Arianna Mills ($1,130)
2nd Place – Jay Dent ($690)
3rd Place – Orville Ivey ($450)

     “Congratulations to each of the winners, who worked VERY hard at the Fundraising process this year, and as you can see, it is certainly competitive!”, stated the Executive Director of the Empire State Sports Council, Anthony Mills. He continues, “In addition, THANK YOU to each of those Businesses and Individuals that made a Donation! Without YOUR support, the Liberty Games would NOT exist!”

     If you would like to participate in the Great Empire Walk for 2016, which is an Olympic year, please contact the Event Coordinator for ES Sports, Lisa Mills via e-mail (Lisa@ESSportsCouncil.org). There is also a Team Fundraising competition set for 2016, which will be made up of four (4) people per Team. All of the Registration information will be ready by January 2nd, 2016, so there is plenty of time to start putting your Team together.

     To view the current Results or Records for the Liberty Games, just visit www.TheLibertyGames.com!

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