I can hear all of the phrases now, “She’s too short!  He’s not BIG enough!  She is the youngest in her Age Division!  He comes from a small town!”  Oh yes, the naysayers have all of the insight when it comes to who can be Great and who doesn’t stand a […]


So often it is easy to focus on the Victory, but without understanding the Struggles along the way. For Arianna Mills, the “Journey” began at the age of 3 when she first picked up a Turbo Javelin, thinking it was just another pretty toy to play with. Always being too young to advance to the […]


Some folks spend an entire lifetime hoping to get their “Shot” in Life. All too often they are waiting for someone else to do something for them, rather to seek out opportunity, and take advantage of it! Just one (1) month ago, while at the Region 1 Track & Field Championships @ St. John’s University […]

GOLD RUSH @ St. John’s University

            There was a time when folks from the Northeast headed West due to rumors of Gold being discovered.  For the Country Mills Eagles Track & Field Team, they just headed South to NYC where Gold was abundant all weekend at the AAU Region I Track & Field Championships.  With temperatures in the 90’s, and […]

Lucky (7) Seven

            As an Athlete I ABSOLUTELY DETEST hearing someone say to me, prior to any competition, “Good Luck”!  The intention of the one who delivers that sentiment certainly DOES NOT mean any harm, but to suggest, in any way, that an Athlete needs “luck”, to successfully compete, diminishes all of the Strength Training, Drills, […]


It is one of the most intriguing concepts in life, let alone the World of Sports… CHAMPIONS RISE @ Championship Events! 😊 One of the most difficult things in Sports, as a coach, is to challenge Athletes to Train at the level they will NEED to Perform at. Unfortunately, they KNOW that Practice IS NOT […]

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

We are ONLY five (5) weeks away from the Liberty Games, and Flag Football Registration is OPEN!  We are contesting three (3) Divisions in 2019, and they are Men, Women, and Co-Ed!  Better Yet… we are offering PRIZE $$ for 1st Place!  So, be sure to get your Team Registered NOW!  We Are READY for […]

T. E. A. M. Together Everyone Achieves More

            Anagrams, at times, can be overused, cute, and difficult.  In this case, though, it is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!            Seldom do folks think of Team when the sport of Track & Field is the topic of conversation, as we are often discussing the Individual Performance of […]

2019 Liberty Games Basketball

Online Registration Online Registration


This is a phrase that has become a “cliché”. ☹ Although it is used all the time, so few truly understand its meaning to them personally! When it comes to Track & Field, which is an Individual Team Sport where Athletes compete as “Individuals” in particular Events to score points for the “Team”, TEAMWORK is […]