Lucky (7) Seven

            As an Athlete I ABSOLUTELY DETEST hearing someone say to me, prior to any competition, “Good Luck”!  The intention of the one who delivers that sentiment certainly DOES NOT mean any harm, but to suggest, in any way, that an Athlete needs “luck”, to successfully compete, diminishes all of the Strength Training, Drills, and Workouts that were done to get to the point of being able to achieve “Success”!  If all that someone wishes for an Athlete is that they need “Luck”, then why go through the Rigorous Training?

            When it comes to the Combined Events, especially the Heptathlon, there is NO “Luck” associated with any aspect of the Performance!  It is a two (2) day competition that incorporates seven (7) events (100m HH, Shot Put, High Jump, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 800m).  The first four (4) events are contested on Day #1, and the remaining three (3) events on Day #2.

          At the Adirondack District Championships, Caroline Page shattered the Country Mills Eagles Record for the Heptathlon by more than 600 points!  “Combined Events showcase what I believe to be true Athletic Talent!”, exclaimed Anthony Mills, Head Coach of the Country Mills Eagles.  He continues, “I consider an Athlete to be an Athlete, when he/she can perform in a number of various different athletic situations, encompassing completely different Fine Motor Movement Skills.  To do so shows ‘control’ over the muscles and levers, and that guarantees that the Athlete was not ‘lucky’!”

           With a total score of 3.378 points, Caroline Page becomes the new Record Holder for the Heptathlon for the Country Mills Eagles, but she has much more room to grow, as the Liberty Tour Record is about 300 points higher.  She will get a chance to set that Record, too, but will match her skills against some of the best Heptathletes in the Northeast this weekend when the Country Mills Eagles travel to St. John’s University for the AAU Region I Track & Field Championships, which begin on Thursday, June 27th and will conclude on Sunday, June 30th.  We will NOT wish Caroline any “Luck”, but rather that she has “Success” equal to the Training she invests in her Performances! 😊

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