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            “Go West, Young Man!” is a phrase often credited to the American author, Horace Greeley, concerning America’s expansion westward, related to the then popular concept of “Manifest Destiny”.  It was first stated by John Babsone Lane Soule in an 1851 editorial in the Terre Haute Express, “Go West Young Man, and Grow Up with the Country!”

            We could certainly debate the concept of Manifest Destiny, but that has little to do with Track & Field, nor the Independence Invitational, the 5th stop of the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series.  It would be true, though, that “expansion westward” was popular, and proved to be both timely, and wise, on many levels for the Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports).  “Moving the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series to other locations around the state, especially relative to the various ‘Regions’ that once made up the map for the former state games, has always been part of the plan.”, states Anthony Mills, the Executive Director for ES Sports.  He continues, “However, that DOES NOT mean that there will only be five (5) Track & Field events that make up the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series; it DOES mean that there will be GREATER opportunities for the Track & Field Community to compete!”Go West II (16)

            The Independence Invitational was just a start in what is expected to be an increase of three (3) events to the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series in 2017, as meets in the New York City area, as well as Syracuse, and hopefully Rochester or Buffalo, are on tap for such expansion, according to Mr. Mills.  “The growth of Track & Field across the Empire State is the objective of the Track & Field Committee.”, noted Shannon Gowronski, the Sports Chair of Track & Field for ES Sports.  She adds, “We are EXCITED to have the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series moving westward, as are the current Track & Field clubs.  We are expecting to see those numbers double in 2017, now that the westward movement is on!”

Go West III (16)

            There is NO Doubt that she is correct, as the Norwich YMCA Bolts (268 Points) won their second meet of the Liberty Tour Series, keeping the Country Mills Eagles in 2nd Place with (235 Points).  Clinton Track & Field Club finished in 3rd with 161 Points.  In the words of Scott Hannay from the Twilight Thrower’s Club, “Build It, and They Will Come and Throw It!”

            Next up on the Liberty Tour Track & Field Series calendar is the Liberty Games Track & Field competitionThis meet offers the Combined Events on Friday, July 15th (5:00 pm), and the Full Meet takes place on Saturday, July 16th at Mohonasen High School, located in Rotterdam, NY, and it will begin at 10:00 am.  In addition, it is also weighted in the scoring, which means that 2 points is awarded for each point scored!  With the Norwich YMCA Bolts less than five (5) Points from taking over 3rd Place from the Averill Park Road Runners, and with Chatham Gold trailing the Country Mills Eagles for the first time this year, there is reason for EXCITEMENT to be in the air!

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