Constitution Classic
John McEachen

As the saying goes, “Records are Made to be Broken”!  This would usually create some animosity, one might think, but in reality, most Athletes that hold Records, as coveted as they are, DO NOT seem bothered when someone comes along to Break “their” Record.  At the Constitution Classic of 2022 there were Records for the AgesALL Ages, as a matter of fact.

One of the most impressive Records broken was by John McEachen (Syracuse Chargers) who set a New Record in the Men’s (50-54) 400m Dash with a time of 64.74, beating the previous Record of 67.84 by more than 3 seconds!  That should encourage those of you that think Track & Field passes you by after your High School and College days! 😊

Constitution Classic
Derek Adams

On the opposite end of the Age Spectrum, Derek Adams (Boy’s 7-8) from the Schenectady Superstars, set a New Constitution Classic and Liberty Tour Record in the 100m Dash (14.08) replacing Taydence Morrison and Jah-sir Boyd (Country Mills Eagles) who set the previous Record at 14.70.  Moreover, Derek did the same for the 200m Dash with a time of 30.24 seconds, breaking Taydence Morrison’s Constitution Classic Record of 33.40 seconds, and Jah-sir Boyd’s Liberty Tour Record of 31.03 seconds.

Constitution Classic

The Country Mills Eagles set a New Girl’s (15-16) 4 x 100m Record with a time of 57.08, although they have a few more seconds to drop off that time to approach the Liberty Tour Record.

Constitution Classic
Brycen Haner

Chatham Gold’s Brycen Haner set a New Record in the Boy’s (17-18) 1500m Run with a time of 4:29.50, passing the previous mark of 4:30.22 set back in 2006 by Josh Lablanc.

Constitution Classic
Melique Garcia

Head Track & Field Coach for Watervliet High School, Melique Garcia, set a New Open Men’s 100m Dash Record with a time of 10.91 passing the previous Record of 11.78 by Philip Sullivan set in 2010.  So, Coaches can do it, too!

Constitution Classic
Allison Flint

Allison Flint (Glencadia Bullets) broke the Girl’s (15-16) Javelin Record with a toss of 31.90m breaking a short lived Record set in 2019 by Alana Burden (Country Mills Eagles) at 30.30m.

Constitution Classic
Liberty Tour Track Meet

In the Men’s Open Division, Daniel Honsinger (Upstate Panthers) set a New Long Jump Record with a leap of 6.27m breaking the previous Constitution Classic Record of 6.25m set in 2007 by Jonathan Harding.  In the meantime, Daniel also shows proper Long Jump Form after take-off!

In my lifetime, one of the few Records, yet to be broken, is Secretariat’s 1.5 mile Record at the Belmont Stakes of 2:24!  That is what the combination of Power & Speed can do!

For all of the Results & Records from the Constitution Classic just click the link.

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