A Basketball Tax Break

     Yesterday brought more Winter Weather with Sleet, Freezing Rain, and Snow! ☹  It is high time that someone put Punxsutawney Phil out of his MISERY! 😊  It is conceivable to tolerate six (6) additional weeks of Winter, but six (6) months is tough to take?

     It is possible that many of you are NOT thinking Summer Basketball with Winter Weather still at hand.  We have looked ahead to the Weather Forecast for the next two (2) weeks, and the trend appears to be much more “Spring Like”.

     Furthermore, it is also possible that some of you have been consumed by the necessary evil of Paying Taxes (due on Tuesday, April 17th).  So, in an effort to bring some “sunshine” and “happiness” to an otherwise stressful and, at times, dismal last six (6) weeks, we have decided to extend to each of you the Early Bird Registration Fee for your Basketball Team(s), so that you have some additional time to get them Registered for the Liberty Games, which is Friday – Sunday, July 13th – 15th.  That means that you can SAVE $50 of the Registration Fee of $375, and Register your Team for $325!  Consider it sort of a “Tax Break”!  We want to be helpful in making it easier for  your Basketball Organization to be a part of the Liberty Games in 2018!

     Some Teams have already Registered, and have received additional benefits for so doing.  This Registration Extension Period will last until Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13th, so DO NOT hesitate to take advantage of a GOOD THING!  There will be NO “Discounts” for Teams that register after the Registration Deadline!  Such “Benefits” are reserved for those that prepare ahead of time!  If  you have any questions about Registration, or the Liberty Games Basketball Event, please contact any the following people:

     Tyler Sablyak – Event Coordinator (Liberty Games);  tylersablyak@essportscouncil.org
Amari Duncan – Basketball Vice Chair;  duncaa5@sage.edu
Lisa Mills – Senior Event Coordinator (ES Sports);  events@essportscouncil.org

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