“It grew from necessity!” claims Anthony Mills, Executive Director of the Empire State Sports Council.  He continues, “The Outreach and Logistics became too much work, and took more time in a day than a couple of people could handle.”  He is referring to the Liberty Games, now the New State Games, going into their 7th year.

     Starting in late December the Empire State Sports Council (ES Sports for short) received  109 Applications for two (2) Assistant Event Coordinators.  One for the Empire State Corporate Challenge, and the other for the Liberty Games.  After more than 30 days of a rigorous process that included reviewing each Resume, reviewing each Personality Test, administering Phone Interviews, reviewing each Applicant’s Solutions on how to Develop and Expand the scope of the ES Sports Events, and Personal (Face to Face) Interviews, they landed an EAGLE!

     That IS correct!  Well, he doesn’t necessarily have feathers, but the balding process has begun just slightly. 😊  In addition, he hails from Philadelphia, PA, and is an ardent Eagles Fan!  Good thing they won their 1st ever Super Bowl this year!  Perhaps, ES Sports saw that as an omen.  He is Tyler Sablyak!  “He was professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, eager, and had been around the block a couple of times.”, noted the President of ES Sports, Ken Rechnitzer.  “He didn’t search for the answers to questions when asked.  He seemed to already have the solution.”, Ken added.

     So, ES Sports was courteous enough to let him hang at home until the outcome of the Super Bowl.  Four (4) days later he was on the job!  Tyler oversees Basketball and Soccer directly, and assists with the coordination of each of the other Liberty Games events.  What does Tyler think?  “Getting to join the Empire State Sports Council as the Liberty Games Event Coordinator was a great opportunity! The Liberty Games is such a UNIQUE and EXCITING event that incorporates so many different sports competitions.  I’m so happy to be a part of a group that can provide opportunities for so many athletes to compete at a top level.  I look forward to helping grow the Liberty Games, and I can’t wait for the events to start!”

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